About StopConcussions

With this website, we want to provide an educational portal that players, parents, coaches, and officials can visit to seek information regarding concussions, with the goal of becoming more aware and ultimately safer individuals in their respective sports. Stopconcussions will have sport specific programs to help change the mindset of the sport, not the game. StopConcussions Foundation is a not for profit in Ontario Canada. StopConcussions USA is a United States registered 501c3 non-profit organization. StopConcussion e.V. is a registered charity in Germany.

StopConcussions has been designed to educate players, administrators, physicians, coaches and officials on the cause, effects and consequences of concussions and neurotrama injuries, not only in hockey but all sports. Brain and spinal cord injury especially present life-changing consequences. To date, no “standard of practice” as found in sport is consistently applied to prevent serious injury. Increased awareness and prevention instruction is a must – particularly in athletics that have a higher frequency of serious injury like hockey, football, rugby and soccer.


Our 4 Step Program

Today kids play several sports that overlap seasons so it is so important we have a plan for dealing with concussions. Parents need support from the entire organization from each sport to deal with concussions. With heightened awareness we now have to all be on the same page. No longer is it left up to the player and the parent to fend for themselves. We now need coaches, trainers and family doctors working with them and add a concussion expert to make sure all aspects from detection, diagnosis to management of this invisible injury is in place. Baseline testing and tools in the toolbox are needed to make sure we do all we can to reduce the incidences of concussions.

Step 1 – Education

Our goal is to educate coaches, parents, players, administrators and referees about the causes, effects and consequences of concussions.

Step 2 – Prevention

Through education and our sport specific platforms we will change the mindset of the participants from the grassroots up. Supported by our website and on-location seminars we are able to instil the principles of respect and safe play values in sport today.

Step 3 – Management

It is as important to manage a concussion, as it is to diagnose it. If a concussion does occur we want to be there for the athlete giving them proper post-concussion management with a qualified medical expert, including neurocognitive testing. We also provide their immediate family the tools they need to assist in managing the injury properly, in order for the athlete to return to play and more importantly return to life.

Step 4 – Research

Since concussions are virtually invisible injuries it is important to continue research in this area. Through establishing our network of specially trained researchers and qualified healthcare professionals to effectively assess and treat concussed athletes we stand to enhance our sporting community.

Get Involved

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Donations are used towards funding educational material for coaches, parents and teachers and allow us to continue our work in general. If you want to work with us or become an ambassador to help spread the word, please don’t hesitate to contact us!
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Shoot for a Cure works with the Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation (ONF) and its network of research partners, including the Ontario Spinal Cord Injury Research Network (OSCIRN), to fund research in the fields of spinal cord injury (SCI), secondary complications of SCI, traumatic brain injury, concussion, and acquired brain injury. Our goal is to raise funds, increase awareness and assist in prevention and cure of neurotrauma injuries. Shoot for a Cure is an international campaign uniting neurotrauma communities around a common cause. For more info visit the Shoot for a Cure Website.