stopconcussions Foundation is a not-for-profit organization that was established to educate and raise awareness on the cause, effects, and consequences of concussions and neurotrauma injuries, specializing in concussions.

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27. Mar 2015

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Athletic Training: Why I Love My Job

I’m an Athletic Trainer. Oh, so you’re a gym teacher? NO.  Oh, so you’re a personal trainer? NO Oh, so you’re a strength coach? NO Wait, s...

24. Mar 2015

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Photo Essay #NATM2015

Feel free to send in a note, picture, video about your favorite Athletic Trainer or the profession itself.  I don’t know where the credit goes but ...

19. Mar 2015

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New ideas from a great weekend!

Maybe it’s just left over excitement from last weekend, maybe it’s my inclination to try something different, maybe it’s simply my love of the s...

  • Hi Kerry. Thanks for the concussion session tonight. Even as a ten year veteran of trauma, emergency room and general practice medicine, I found the talk very informative. I empathize with a lot of the people in the session. Despite my extensive experience dealing clinically with concussions and sports injuries, I am even concerned about the decisions a trainer is required to make during game time. Look forward to speaking in the future.

    Youth Coach

  • Today I attended the fall Session, I found some moments of peace and managed to grasp a positive mind set for this evening. It’s people like u who keep us fighting day in day day out and I cant express how much that means to me.


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