Baseball Now with World Series Champ, Tom Henke

Baseball Now with World Series Champ, Tom Henke

The game of baseball has become an easy target in recent years, from complaints about rampant steroid use, to games lasting too long.

Critics are quick to proclaim that America’s national pastime is dead and gone, and that MLB has owners and a commissioner who fail to address issues or embrace the future of baseball.

However, attendance at most major ballparks is way up and, it may be due to the fact that, to those who truly follow and understand the game, baseball isn’t merely a sport—it’s magic. “Field of Dreamsâ€� struck a deep chord with fans across North America, because so much of the movie serves to be true.

Baseball really does change lives. It’s where the past meets the present and, where Cornfield, America connects with Fenway Park.

During late fall and winter, when the NBA, NFL, and NHL seasons are in full swing, most of the country fights to stay warm and dry. Except for the buffer months of April and October, baseball is played in short-sleeve weather. You can wear flip- flops and shorts to watch a game at the ballpark. That feels great, no matter how old you are!

Summer makes everyone feel like a kid again, and so does baseball.

To truly fall in love with the game, you need to slow it down. As a former pitching coach, I watched and studied the mechanics of the pitch, along with the stance and delivery of several professional league pitchers. Coined by legendary Yankees catcher and manager, Yogi Berra, “It ain’t over, ‘til it’s over.â€� This phrase says it all in baseball– where the outcome isn’t determined by a clock, but by the number of “outsâ€�.

It really comes down to the arm and mind of the pitcher, who carefully judges the speed of the ball and type of pitch to throw each time to the batter-up.

In theory, no matter how far a team is down, they can still come all the way back, in the ninth inning, with the right pitch. Baseball is a game of strategy, from the pitches, to stealing bases, to the placement of each player on the field.

Tom Henke was instrumental to the Toronto Blue Jays winning the World Series in 1992, against the Atlanta Braves. Over his 14 year career, Henke was named to the All-Star team twice. Nicknamed, “The Terminator� Henke is a former Major League Baseball relief pitcher who:

  • in 1987, led the American league with 34 saves and 62 games and;

  • in 1995, played his last season in the Major League Baseball

Today he is still involved in baseball, as a mentor to youngsters taking up America’s favorite pastime. Tom has many terrific stories to share that will reignite the the passion for baseball in all of us, as another new MLB season begins.

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