Parkinson’s and Pilates

As I have written previously, I have found Pilates to be of great help to me and my long, ongoing recovery from my severe brain injury in 2003. Pilates teaches effective and efficient movement of your body. It’s not one formula for everybody. The point of Pilates is to concentrate on a movement and to […]

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For Many Of Us, Brain Injury Awareness Month Is A Daily Reminder

The article below is by George Visger, a former defensive lineman  for the San Francisco 49ers in 1980 and their 1981 Super Bowl winning season. He details his extensive traumatic brain injury history below. Along with his academic and consulting work since football, he has a website, The Visger Group, to bring awareness to concussions and […]

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Share your story!

I am happy to say that the first time I tried this it was very successful! Thank you Ryan, Jiri, Tim, and Christine! I want to keep doing this, so please, if you’re interested in writing about your brain injury/concussion, please contact me (Twitter, Facebook, email). Of course, Christine, Tim, Jiri, and Ryan are more […]

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The “Mild” Concussion

This post was written originally in 2011, but has been re-posted numerous times, it will continue to be posted until we all get the message… ========== Hogwash!  There is NOTHING mild about a concussion, period.  However media, teams, players and even medical staffs continue to use this nomenclature with this injury.  It is simply counterproductive […]

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Play Smart. Play Hard.

Today the Illinois High School Association (IHSA) launched a national initiative for overall student-athlete safety and participation in sport. It is called Play Smart. Play Hard.  The campaign will focus on education and equipping athletes, parents, coaches and schools on ways to better safeguard the heath and welfare of student-athletes, including minimizing the risk of […]

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