Concussions are more than Sports Concussions

Another new perspective from Tim Greve! Tim is an athletic trainer (certified athletic trainer, ATC) with a large hospital group in the Minneapolis and St. Paul metro area in Minnesota. He provides athletic training services to high school and youth sports. That consists of injury prevention techniques, recognition and evaluation of musculoskeletal injuries and emergency […]

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Accepting Help

This is Christine’s first article! Christine was a competitive soccer player from the age of seven, and began playing hockey later in life. Last year, while playing co-ed hockey, she when was inadvertantly struck in the head, snapping her neck to the side. She then noticed a “fuzzy feeling” as she tried to make it […]

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Introducing new writers!

Last week I wrote Would you like to write on Concussion Talk? and, so far, four people have expressed interest! In the coming days and weeks, I will introduce each writer, beginning with Christine! Christine will provide a different perspective from mine, which will hopefully allow more people to relate. I’m excited to share her article […]

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Would you like to write on Concussion Talk?

I hope that title interested you! Have you had a concussion or another type of brain injury and would like to write on Concussion Talk?  I am hoping to find more writers for Concussion Talk, including people who have had a brain injury (including concussion) and want to write about their experience recovering. What activities, […]

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Athletic Training: Why I Love My Job

I’m an Athletic Trainer. Oh, so you’re a gym teacher? NO.  Oh, so you’re a personal trainer? NO Oh, so you’re a strength coach? NO Wait, so what do you do? Believe it or not, this type of exchange actually happens a lot.  It’s funny, because athletic trainers (ATs) are everywhere. Most high schools, colleges, semi-pro teams, Olympic […]

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