Spygate Scandal: The Story that the NFL Doesn’t Want to Tell

The NFL has long been the number one spectator sport in the United States. Huge stadiums are always filled with adoring and passionate fans. A marketing machine that is second to none keeps on going despite the number of skeletons found in their closets. Bill Belichick appears to have led the New England Patriots as […]

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2014 NFL Concussion Report: Week 1

The Concussion Blog Original, NFL Concussion Report, is a weekly compiling of the reported head injuries in the National Football League.  Concussions are added to the list each week from multiple sources to give you the reader a picture of what is happening on the field.  Each week we will bring you the information along […]

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From Children to the Pros: The Everchanging World of Concussions

The word “concussion” strikes fear in some athletes. Where contact is inevitable, parents may not be as eager to enroll their children in a sport that may cause lifelong injury. Young athletes have always looked to the pros for a role model. Idolized by young impressionable minds, children in sport have always emulated elite athletes. […]

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What Is The Cost For Care?

The fine people over at InjureFree have a wonderful blog post about the cost for care as it relates to athletic trainers.  This is an ABSOLUTE MUST READ for those interested in athletic training at the high school level.  Rather than re-post the entire article I will present you with their infographic and give some […]

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MomsTEAM Presents Youth Safety Summit

It is approaching quickly, but if you are in the northeast a week from Monday you really should check into SmartTeams Play Safe™: Protecting the Health Safety of the Whole Child In Youth Sports By Implementing Best Practices.  There is a myriad of topics to be included: Sport-related concussion best practices The evolving landscape of youth […]

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