Photo Essay #NATM2015

Feel free to send in a note, picture, video about your favorite Athletic Trainer or the profession itself.  I don’t know where the credit goes but DANG ITS AWESOME!!! (click to enlarge) Tags: #NATM2015, Athletic trainer, Healthcare Professional Article source: http://theconcussionblog.com/2015/03/24/photo-essay-natm2015/

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New ideas from a great weekend!

Maybe it’s just left over excitement from last weekend, maybe it’s my inclination to try something different, maybe it’s simply my love of the sport, or maybe it’s all three. Regardless, I’m thinking differently about how I’ll approach swimming workouts, which will inevitably effect Pilates. This past weekend I went with the St. John’s Water […]

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Mouth Guards (5/5/14) — How is this study not retracted?

It has been nearly a year since I wrote this up, but it has been making the rounds again.  I honestly want to know why this “peer-reviewed” article has not been retracted.  This is one of the most blatant oversights I have witnessed in publications, and that is not hyperbole.  Read the following for yourself: […]

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Borland, Now What?

If you are interested in sports or the brain trauma/concussion debate you probably did not miss the news about Chris Borland’s abrupt retirement from the NFL and the San Francisco 49ers.  In case you missed it, he broke this news to Outside the Lines on ESPN. Since he made his decision there has been quite […]

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#NATM2015 YouTube Video – OATS

From my home state of Illinois, I give you Oswego High School…  Make sure you see the interviews at the end of the video!!!!!!!!!!! Well Done! Tags: #NATM2015, athletic training, Oswego High School Article source: http://theconcussionblog.com/2015/03/11/natm2015-youtube-video-oats/

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