New Podcast with an NHL Strength & Conditioning Coach

On my latest podcast I interview Ryan van Asten, the Strength Conditioning Coach for the Calgary Flames. I ask him about how he trains players, how he trains players who’ve recently had a concussion, and what he’s noticed about concussed players in his experience training athletes. Ryan’s experience includes three years as Strength Conditioning Coach for […]

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Seeing Is… Starting… To Believe (Video Link)

With one day of the Vector Mouthguards in the book – a lightning shortened one – and a warp speed implementation it was time to get this puppy up and running. The players had not lost a mouthguard overnight, which is quite amazing because they always seem to lose their other ones, and all were […]

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Practical Application of Data: VMG

Before practice the coach, I should say coaches, wanted a report from me about what I had seen and how the system was going. I showed them the video from the previous day and where on the head the hits were registering for our worst offenders of dropping their heads at contact (verified). I also noted […]

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Vector Mouthguards – Day 1

Don’t get to excited, I don’t think I will give you daily updates about the Vector Mouthguards but I do feel that the first day is important on many fronts, including: customer service, supplies, and ease of use out of “box”. I had previously met with the kids individually and emailed the parents to open […]

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The Milestones of Summer 2015

As the summer is winding down, and I prepare to move back into my dorm, I’d like to reflect on a few recovery milestones. I spent the summer taking on various adventures with friends and family, starting a new exercise program, and interning at ChiroPro Performance Center in Acton, MA. Over the past three months, […]

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