The Crash Reel

I cannot urge you enough to watch this movie/documentary. The Crash Reel is about Kevin Pearce,  an aspiring U.S. Olympic snowboarder who crashed while training, 49 days before the Vancouver Winter Olympics. The film wasn’t available in Canada until very recently and I watched it for the first time last night. I’m so glad I […]

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Change is good

I got this title from a song by a great local band: The Pathological Lovers I will be going to Toronto soon to do two parts of a five part Pilates teacher training course. At the first course, I will learn how movement is produced at major joints, how to accurately recruit muscle, and about […]

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Change is good part deux

Change is good part deux I’ve completed the first part of the Pilates teacher training. It was anatomy focused, so you knew what moves where, why it moves and how it (whether muscle or bone) helps to move or stabilize another area. It was really interesting and we did some exercises to demonstrate to ourselves […]

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Just keep at it

Eleven years ago my balance and mobility were better than good. My health was better than good. Ten years and seven months ago, I was a long way away from feeling anything remotely close to good about my balance and my mobility, or about my health at all. That was a drastic turn, and it […]

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Recovery is in the Eye of the Beholder

In recent years, my “recovery” (more on why that word is in quotes later) seems to have gained steam and I’ve noticed more improvement, even though the accident that caused my brain injury occurred over ten years ago. I’m sure there are many physiological and neurological reasons why improvements would take this long, then again, […]

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