Be Prepared

Originally posted on Athletic Training and Fitness: Be Prepared– A motto that the Boy Scouts introduced. And a concept that Athletic Trainers practice. Be Prepared. For what? ANYTHING. Athletic Trainers are prepared for just about anything. We take the time to prepare prior to a game or practice so that you can perform fully. We […]

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We Prepare – You Perform

It is that time of the year again to point the spotlight on the countless, often faceless, professionals that do much more that many know in protecting your physically active peers.  This year the message is “We Prepare You Perform” and has many different meanings to many different people.  I want to take this time […]

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Taylor Twellman Story (9/21/2010)

Originally posted on The Concussion Blog in September of 2010.  I would be interested to see Taylor talk about this in a reflecting manner and see if anything has changed with him and his thoughts on concussions in the sport he loves. ========== Just ask Taylor Twellman, a soccer player from the New England Revolution […]

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Trying another route

Like a Detour! But this post isn’t about my ebook. It’s about neuroplasticity and building new pathways. I’ve been reading The Brain’s Way of Healing, by Norman Doidge. Doidge’s first book, The Brain That Changes Itself,  is also a very interesting read that talks about neuroplasticity and how the brain can change. In The Brain’s Way of Healing he discusses […]

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Dr. Gifford-Jones Opinion Article (9/30/2010)

Do you know how much trauma the human brain sustains in contact sports? Unless you’re a concussion specialist, few parents, coaches, athletes or even doctors have much knowledge about the extent of this injury. Concussion is like sugar and salt. Few people are aware of the amount they’re receiving, and all three can be lethal. […]

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